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Wedding Services

Make your wedding the most memorable day of your life, arrive in style, be “the bride all in white arriving in a luxurious white limo”. Travel in the luxury of one of our beautiful limousines; relax, listen to your favorite music, stretch your legs, and give your stunning wedding gown the room that it deserves.

wedding limo

All of our limousines are climate controlled, so whether it is a freezing Chicago night or a 100 degree with humidity, or may be you are just feeling the heat with nerves! You can be rest assured to arrive at the church looking and feeling as if you had just walked out of your salon; you definitely won’t have to worry about your makeup, if you get goose pumps it sure won’t be the cold!!!

Since we believe in more than transportation, our wedding packages are more than just getting you there; it is even more than getting you there in style! It is bringing you to your destination with glory and magnificence. So we decorate the car for you in your favorite colors; we have pom poms, streams, flowers, and even customized messages on the windows with your name or favorite quote! We have the interior of the car fully decorated with matching napkins and cups, a refreshment bar for you and your guest to enjoy, and of course a chilled bottle of champagne for that special moment ! See Downers Grove Best Limos at Cheers Limousine

That is not all; when you arrive to church we will roll out a red carpet for you and your special one, because to us you are a VIP and should be treated like one!


Plainfield Airport Limos and Taxi Cab Service

Getting to and from Chicago airport are the very first thing that comes on a traveler mind once they receive their itinerary. Options are limited, drive yourself and pay for expensive airport parking, have a friend drive you (if any can spare the time), or get a cab. Well, these do not have to be your only options any more! Plainfield limo company has a better affordable option; imagine this; a luxurious car arrives at your driveway exactly the time you requested,
A dressed up chauffer opens the door for you and put your bags in the trunk while you set back, sip a drink and read the news paper until you arrive safely to your terminal.
Or how about this, you arrive, tired and needs to just get home, you pick up your luggage and all you need to do is a phone call to our live friendly dispatchers to send you the car to your gate door.


We even have a better option that tips it all, how about a professional dressed up chauffer holding a sign with your name on it by the baggage claim waiting patiently to assist you with your bags, and walk you to your car.
Do you have kids? No problem, we can help with that as well, we call it “Lend a hand service”; The chauffer can also meet you by luggage claim, assist with bags, walk you to a car filled with refreshments for both adults and kids, we will also have age appropriate car seat in the car because your safety and your kids’ safety is our ultimate goal.

Fun Night out
Are you looking to do something a bit different on your next night out?? Then why not book one of our fantastic limousine packages?

Our wide range amazing limo fleet is just what you need to get your night off to the best possible start. Plainfield Limos can accommodate parties of all sizes with the very best of line in the limousine world. Our stretched limousines can accommodate 6, 8, or 10 passengers in comfort and style. Chrysler C300 can accommodate 10 to 12 happy passengers.

If you hire a H2 Hummer or Excursion you'll be providing a great party venue for up to 20 passengers. Amazing fun we guarantee it!

You want bigger? Why not! The more the merrier…our party bus ranges from 18 passengers to 36 passengers!

Prom limousine
Your prom night should be a night you will never forget!! For many years ahead you will be telling stories about your extravagant ride, you will even have stories to tell your grandkids, and pictures to prove it too!
So how you achieve that? Easily, you contact Plainfield Limo Bus Service and pick one of our extreme lavish limos. You get to choose from Beautiful Audi for two, a Mercedes S550 class or even a black on black Town car or stretch limos, C300 Chryslers, Stretch SUV, H2 Hummer, or a Cadillac Escalade.
Or you can let your imagination go wild in one of our party buses equipped with bars, stripper pole. A literal night club on wheels, ONLY you don’t have to be over 21 to enjoy it!!
The best part of that all is we came up with “stop the Tick Tack” package , which means we will take you to your party , stop the clock , bring you back. No charges while you are in the dance. Can it get any better?? Call us and find out.

Corporate Limousines
Luxury sedans and limousine are the new trend to impress clients, reward staff and loyal clients. At Plainfield Limousine we combined our lavish vehicles with courteous and professional chauffeurs to ensure ultimate comfortable ride for you and your guests.
Our corporate limos can be used for a broad range of purposes; trips to and from the airport with a meet and greet services if required, dinner events, company parties , and getting executives from one meeting to the next on time.
You can discuss business confidently while you are enjoying a ride in our vehicles knowing that you have supreme privacy thanks to a window divider and tinted windows.
On the other hand if you want a break from work discussions and serious negotiations, then just sit back and relax while enjoying a sip of a drink from the bar, listen to some relaxing music or even watch something on our DVD player.
Since we do understand the nature of the business world, which always screams unexpected, urgent necessitates for travel, that is why we can accommodate any request any time with our staff on hand, alert 24/7. So if you have a last minute change of plan, or a new plan (name here) can ensure you still maintain an air of professionalism every single time.

Birthday Limousine
There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than a party in one of our top of the line limos. Whether you’re turning 9 or 99, Plainfield Limousine can make sure you have a birthday to remember for years and years to come.
You might want to be whisked away from your front door and taken to you favorite restaurant, or may be you want to have a party on wheel while enjoying the lights of the city. Whatever you decide to do, your own Plainfield limo will be the perfect way to enjoy your special day with your beloved friends and family.


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